Friedensburg Schlaining

Rochuspl. 1, 7461 Stadtschlaining

Experience the diverse history of the Friedensburg Schlaining under the motto “From the fortified castle to the Friedensburg”! In the picturesque setting of the castle, visitors are taken on a journey through time through six captivating and interactive exhibitions – from the times of the medieval fortress to the center of peace.

Schlaining Castle is not only a place of history, but also a lively center of education and cultural exchange. The numerous exhibitions and events that take place here make it an important meeting point for people from all over the world who are interested in history, peace and intercultural learning.  

In the renovated basement, the interactive “Castle Stories” show provides fascinating insights into the history of the castle. The exhibition “Burgenland from 1921” deals in a compact form with the political, economic and cultural development of Burgenland. The first show in the “Burgenland aktuell” section deals with keywords such as energy transition, solar power and wind power. Every year, a topic from politics, economics, culture or society is presented there.

The special exhibition “Dark Times. “Of Perpetrators and the Righteous” is emotionally dedicated to the time of National Socialist terror in Burgenland, to people who adapted to the Nazi regime, enriched themselves from the plight of others, abused them, persecuted them or even murdered them. But there are also stories about those who resisted, helped those being persecuted and put themselves in danger in the process.

On the third floor of the castle, the exhibition “Schlaining and Peace” highlights the commitment of the Austrian Center for Peace (ACP) from its beginnings to the present. The moving exhibition “Search for Traces. Fragments of Jewish Life in Burgenland” in the former Stadtschlaining synagogue tells about Jewish life in the region.

Visit our website and discover not only our wide range of educational and event offerings, but also the beauties of southern Burgenland! Enjoy delicious wines in the wine tasting room in the castle cellar, relax in the ambience of the castle hotel or explore the picturesque landscapes on one of the new mountain bike trails.

Free entry with the Steiermark Card, Burgenland Card and the museum card Museumskarte.

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