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On average, austrian leading sights are at 75% turnover compared to 2019


The Austrian tourism industry can report successful summer months this year. Despite continuing restrictions, “a great yearning for meaningful leisure experiences is noticeable among guests at Austria’s leading attractions,” says Stefan Isser, Managing Director of Swarovski Kristallwelten, on the balance of summer 2022.

The absence of important markets, such as the Asian market, is undoubtedly noticeable. Nevertheless, sales show a continued increased willingness to spend among visitors. Compared to 2019, Austria’s leading attractions are seeing an average 75% increase in sales this year. This balance creates an essential basis to be able to intercept possible developments in fall.

Austrian Leading Sights – a strong partner in the leisure industry

Despite a successful summer, future obstacles and difficulties, such as increased energy prices in the coming fall and winter, cannot be denied. “The measures envisaged to cushion the high energy costs are helpful, but not enough,” says Patrick Quatember, managing director of the association. “The Austrian tourism and leisure industry secures half a million jobs. Culture, leisure activities and vacations must continue to be affordable in the coming seasons. Without drastic measures to reduce energy costs, millions of jobs are in limbo,” warns the managing director.

The fact that Austrian Leading Sights continues to be a reliable partner for the leisure industry in such turbulent times is demonstrated by the association’s ever-growing network.┬áDuring 2022, the association welcomes four new members from three different provinces: the Eisriesenwelt, Hellbrunn Palace, Melk Abbey and St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.

The continuous growth shows the efficiency and appreciation of the association’s work and, by keeping Austrian sights together, guarantees an economically important pillar for the industry even in turbulent times.




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