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The current figures indicate an important step toward normality. The consequences of the crisis are nevertheless noticeable.

The elimination of the Corona measures allows the tourism industry to breathe a sigh of relief after two punishing years of crisis and inspires new optimism for the future. “We can report a clear improvement over the previous year,” commented Klaus Panholzer, president of the association and managing director of the Sch├Ânbrunn Group. Nevertheless, he emphasizes, the industry is still far from being on the road to success at that time.
Stefan Isser, Managing Director of Swarovski Kristallwelten, also does not yet see the return to normality within this summer: “Swarovski Kristallwelten welcomed guests from over 60 nations in 2019. Due to Corona, the visitor structure has changed completely, and a noticeable recovery of international tourism from the distant markets, especially from Asia, is not expected until 2023.”

Nevertheless, the figures for the beginning of this year’s summer indicate a positive development in the plants. “For the past month, we have again been registering inquiries from the USA, the Middle East and South America,” comments Stefan Isser on the current situation at Swarovski Kristallwelten. “For the future, I am optimistic: The fact that we welcomed our 16 millionth visitor these days is a special milestone and shows that the longing for meaningful experiences is unbroken.”

Government support remains essential
However, political support for the tourism industry remains an essential pillar for the industry’s future existence. In order to compensate for the traces of the crisis and to be able to absorb possible developments in the fall, tourism is dependent on government assistance. “The reduced tax rate until the end of 2021 has provided economic relief and significant support to the tourism industry. The tax rate should be aligned with that of the hotel industry for the affected attractions and permanently reduced to 10%” appeals the Secretary General of the Association Patrick Quatemeber.



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