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Last year, as part of the T-MONA[1] project, surveys of private overnight guests in Austria were obtained on their entire stay by MANOVA. The results show the relevance and quality of Austrian Leading Sights as authoritative supporters of domestic tourism.

The T-MONA data[2] from 2021 particularly underscore the quality and economic importance of Austria’s sights. The Austrian Leading Sights are not only responsible for 46 million overnight stays per year and thus for about 30% of overnight stays across all areas of the country, but also attract a disproportionately large number of first-time visitors to the country with their diverse tourist offerings.

However, not only the high number of guests but also customer satisfaction confirm the optimal core offer of the Sights. Visitors to Natural Sights in particular say they would recommend the respective sight to others. This means that the Net Promoter Score for Natural Sights is even higher than the Austrian average.

Austrian Leading Sights as ideal image carriers

With nature- and culture-centered sights, the Austrian Leading Sights can satisfy the most diverse wishes and ideas of visitors and thus help to convey an ideal image of Austria and its tourism. The Cultural Sights are described as particularly “sophisticated” and “inspiring”, while the Natural Sights are characterized above all by their family-friendliness and recreation.

According to the latest customer surveys by T-MONA, Austrian Leading Sights demonstrably increase the experience value and satisfaction of guests. This is not only expressed in high customer satisfaction and positive reputations. In total, guests influenced by attractions generate annual sales of 8.7 billion for tourism services! “The current data from T-MONA clearly confirms the importance of attractions in Austria for the tourist sector. Due to the high added value, regions, partners and suppliers benefit from the guests of our members, and we hope to be able to soon again connect to the successful years before the pandemic!”, says association president Klaus Panholzer.


[1] Tourismus-Monitor Austria; survey of overnight guests

[2] A project of ÖW and all LTOs with MANOVA



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