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Austria is easing its Corona measures. In the coming days, retail and gastronomy will return to the 3G rule. Only Vienna is excluded from this reducing measure. Austrian Leading Sights sees the special position of Vienna problematic and pleads for the implementation of Austria-wide easing in the capital as well.

After the curfew was extended and measures for events were reduced, the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) in retail should fall on February 12 and on February 19th, the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered or tested) will be reintroduced in gastronomy and accommodation establishments.

The current reducing measures has so far also been enforced in Vienna. However, the 2G rule should now remain in the catering trade – while the 2G rule in retail is no longer applicable and tourism is also being switched to 3G. “Of course, the easing is a great support and significant help for the tourist industry. With the 3G rule, we can welcome all visitors and at the same time guarantee a safe coexistence,” comments the general secretary of the association, Patrick Quatember on the current situation.

However, he questions Vienna’s special path, which has not been observed for the first time. The constant back and forth leads to confusion and insecurity. Different regulations according to the federal state make a trip to Austria unnecessarily difficult for guests. “We need a harmonized Austria-wide solution,” says Patrick Quatember. “In Vienna there is both security and the opportunity to introduce the 3G rule in the catering trade!

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