3rd Austrian Leading Sights Congress at Esterházy Castle in Eisenstadt.

The design of the visitor experience has been a strong focus of Austrian Leading Sights for the last few months. Together with Secretary of State for Tourism Mag. Susanne Kraus-Winkler, the topic was addressed in workshops and at the 3rd Austrian Leading Sights Congress. Employees crystallize here as the most important basis for an optimal experience.

Employees are considered the most important capital of any company. Especially in tourism as a service industry, quality is determined by the respective employees. With the support of the Secretary of State for Tourism, Mag. Susanne Kraus-Winkler, new ideas were developed regarding the acquisition, promotion and support of employees of Austrian Leading Sights.

An Austrian Leading Sights recruiting platform is to bundle open job offers of the Leading Sights and thus provide future tourism professionals with an easier, open and transparent application process. Within the companies there shall be the possibility of an Austrian Leading Sights exchange program for Leading Sights employees. This will provide a unique opportunity to learn about the work and processes of another sight and to gain new experience.

“Despite a higher employment rate than before the crisis, the need for employees is one of the biggest challenges in the tourism industry. The Austrian Leading Sights initiative for employee recruitment has a model effect and helps to place workers more quickly, to look after them better and thus to keep them in tourism in the long term,” says Kraus-Winkler.


Focus on personnel development

Long-term planning of personnel requirements, efficient recruiting and positioning as an attractive employer form an essential basis for the success of the company. Due to its great importance, Austrian Leading Sights held its own workshop on the topic of “personnel development” in September. Special emphasis was placed here on the relevance of the respective employee and on the priority of employee retention.

In the course of the 3rd Austrian Leading Sights Congress at the beginning of October, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Tourism, the Austrian leading sights and from the gastronomy and hotel industry met to develop new concepts based on the workshop, now within the theoretical framework of “Optimal Visitor Experience”.




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