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In Salzburg, representatives of Austria’s leading sights discussed the role of employees in conveying holiday happiness, as well as the importance of leading sights in the added value of tourism. Salzburg’s Governor Dr. Wilfried Haslauer emphasized in his opening remarks, the great importance of tourist attractions for Austria.

Visiting the local sights and experiencing the Austrian cultural and natural heritage is one of the most important travel motifs for national and international guests.


A study shows enormous economic importance of tourist attractions

This is also confirmed by a study by the market research institute Manova presented at the congress, according to which Austria’s sights with around 46 million overnight stays * are largely responsible for a third of all tourist overnight stays. Around EUR 8.7 billion * in tourism sales are related to visits to sights, excursion destinations, museums and natural monuments.


From employees to hosts

After the founding congress in the previous year mainly dealt with the management of the corona crisis, the main focus of this year’s congress was on the increasing importance of employees. The successful mediation of unique experiences and individual holiday happiness depends largely on these. The members of Austrian Leading Sights also stand for the highest international level in the field of training and further education for their employees. “In order to be able to maintain this level and continue to attract the best employees, it is necessary to create the appropriate economic framework. We therefore ask the federal government for long-term measures to reduce the ancillary wage costs, which are very high by international standards, ” said Mag. Klaus Panholzer, President of Austrian Leading Sights, during the congress in the Salzburg Residence.


* based on 2019 figures