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Uniform regulations across industries and federal states are necessary to make excursions and cultural experiences for guests plannable.

August 31, 2021

The summer months brought a slight upward trend in the number of guests at the member companies of Austrian Leading Sights and thus provided hope for a sustainable way out of the COVID crisis. However, this cautious optimism is clouded by concerns about the coming autumn and winter months, in which everything must be done to prevent a renewed lockdown.

Standardization of COVID measures necessary

At the moment, guests in Austria’s leading attractions are confronted with a wide variety of access and behavioral regulations. This makes planning excursions and cultural experiences difficult for guests and often leads to misunderstandings, discussions and frustration in practice. Uniform rules and balanced measures are therefore required that both protect health and allow economic activity.

Klaus Panholzer, President of Austrian Leading Sights, is convinced: “A“ 1G regulation ”, i.e. access exclusively for vaccinated people, is not economically feasible for our industry, as the vaccination rate is still far too low for this and would exclude too many guests . ”

Austrian Leading Sights demand recognition of international vaccines

Visiting the local sights is one of the most important travel motifs for national and international guests. Since numerous internationally used vaccines such as Sinovac, Sputnik V or Curevac are still not recognized in the EU, there is a major hurdle for a large number of potential guests to visit Austria. Austrian Leading Sights therefore demand rapid EU-wide approval of further international vaccines.

Strategies are needed that go beyond the next few weeks and make longer-term planning possible. The Federal Government and the responsible authorities can count on the full support of Austrian Leading Sights in developing these strategies.