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At the moment, both hotels and restaurants are allowed to reopen at the end of the lockdown. However, these openings are dated differently from region to region. The differentiation is incomprehensible to Austrian Leading Sights.
The 40 Austrian member companies of Austrian Leading Sights depend on national and international visitors. Open restaurants and overnight stays in hotels are essential for the visitor experience. The opening of the catering and hotel industry is therefore decisive for the existence of the top sights.

The announced openings of both industries at the end of the lockdown represent an important step for the tourism industry. However, when the respective hotels and restaurants are allowed to open varies by region and federal state. The individual openings and delays, such as in the federal capital Vienna, are incomprehensible to the association. “A uniform opening of the hotel and catering industry is essential for our operations!”, The general secretary of the association Patrick Quatember appeals to the government and the federal states.
In the last year and a half, the industry has successfully proven that it is possible to work with the highest safety and health standards, such as the immediate and seamless implementation of 2G controls in the hotel industry. Nothing would stand in the way of a uniform opening.

Difficult start to the new year – extend sales tax cut

The unclear situation leads to general uncertainty and hinders vacation planning. The current lockdown is also making a major contribution to the fact that the new year will be another tough start. All of these circumstances call for a supporting basis, such as the reduced sales tax. According to Austrian Leading Sights, the reduced tax rate will continue to provide decisive support for relieving the economic drama of the industry even after 2021.
The uniform recognition of all international vaccines as entry conditions as well as in the hotel and tourism industry is an essential prerequisite for the survival of the industry in the future.