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The implementation of the new 2-G regulation means massive revenue losses for the tourism industry. For Austrian Leading Sights, it is therefore urgently necessary to compensate for these losses.

The introduction of the 2-G regulation is an unavoidable and necessary measure for general safety. For the tourism industry, however, the regulation means major financial and economic losses. In the last two months, the industry was able to record an increase in revenues and thus escape somewhat from the depth of the crisis. Another financial and economic setback caused by the loss of income due to the 2-G regulation and an additional repeal of the sales tax cut would have massive consequences for the tourism industry and make a comeback from the crisis almost impossible. “Maintaining the sales tax reduction is crucial for the survival of the industry, especially under the current conditions,” commented Dr. Dorothea Lamac, owner of the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel, on the tense situation.┬á

There are varous vaccines around the world, but not all of them are recognized in Austria. These include the Russian vaccine Sputnik and the Chinese vaccines Sinovac and Sinopharm. With the latter, entry into Austria is permitted, but these are not accepted for any tourist offers or overnight stays in hotels. “The situation calls for the recognition of further vaccines as a condition of entry, as well as a uniform recognition in the hotel and tourism industry,” appeals to the Federal Government, Secretary General of the Association Patrick Quatember.

For the protection and security of the general public, the industry will continue to take on the great financial and organizational effort in order to implement all necessary measures. However, this will soon no longer be possible without compensation and support.