Vienna International Airport Visitor World

Flughafen Wien, Flughafen, 1300 Wien

The VISITOR WORLD at Vienna Airport offers aviation enthusiasts, children and families an exciting insight into the hustle and bustle at the airport.

You explore the apron on an AIRPORT tour. Here the action can be experienced first hand and take-offs and landings can be observed at close range.

Afterwards the new ERLEBNISRAUM will be explored.

By means of multimedia installations, you can experience a flight from the cockpit perspective, the path of the suitcase and view the airport from the perspective of an air traffic controller. The lively continuous operation of the airport can be felt in a spectacular 24-hour time-lapse film.

At the end you discover the VISITOR TERRACE and the new VR flight experience “BirdlyÔÇŁ.

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