National Park Worlds

Gerlosstraße 18, 5730 Mittersill

As before, a visit to the exhibition involves a walk through ten different National Park Worlds. You will explore various exhibits such as “Marmot & Co”, the “Peaks from the Bottom of the Sea” and “Wild Waters”. You take an emotional journey from the highest realms of the Hohe Tauern National Park down to the alpine meadows and into the valley, where farming has shaped the landscape.

You can view the national park in three different ways: The way it is, the way it came to be, and the way we (as humans) have been shaping it since ancient times. Every single room, every single world, is an experience in its own right: The “eagle flight panorama” allows you to experience not only the enormous expanse of the national park but also the impressive difference in altitude between the highest and lowest point. You can take a steep dive, rushing from the highest peaks into the depths of the valleys. The “Marmot & Co” exhibit engages visitors in an interactive game to search for their mountain-dwelling neighbours from the animal and plant kingdom.  On the “Peaks from the Bottom of the Sea” you will encounter an ichthyosaur and take a look back into the past when our land was covered by an ocean.  The “Glacier World” tells us a story of becoming and passing. The newly installed “Pasterzenrad” plays a leading role here. The glacier becomes water, and in the “Water Realm” you can feel the lavish abundance of this precious resource here in the national park. A cinematic journey into this water-rich world in an exceptional presentation format provides visitors with profound insights. In the “Myth of the Mountain Forest” we look up to the sky, to the treetops. With our gaze turned upward, we dive into the forest like into a lake through a ceiling cinema and observe how this habitat changes over the course of the day and night, across the seasons and in different weathers, captivating us in its spell. Just as glaciers turn into water, human intervention turns a forest into an alpine pasture. In the incredible diversity of the colourful “Alpine Summer” we encounter its typical inhabitants such as the Pinzgauer cattle, the Tauernsheck goat and the Steinschaf sheep.  Once seated, an exciting cooperative game involuntarily draws you into the enchanting Alpine dream.

Each room shows a different world and each world has a new adventure to discover!

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